Due to a meditation retreat, orders will be suspended from the 20th of September until the 25th of October.

Orders passed until the 20th will be prepared and shipped. It will not be possible to order after that date until the 25th of October. We apologies for any hindrance this might cause.

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Tailored with special care

Each Zafu is handmade using beautiful, tough but soft, cotton cloth and pure millet husk ensuring you have the best seating for your meditation. Each Zafu is fitted with a simple and nice handle for carrying.

All our Zafus are Made in France Fr .

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Millet doesn't get compact like the kapok does. And because the husk is small it molds to the body closely. You end up with a smooth seating supporting your posture.

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If you have any questions or want to pass a bulk order send us an email with your phone number at the following email address :


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